IvoryPro Review

IvoryProMy smile was a part of my good personality. Everyone used to admire my smile, especially girls. But, since last few months I was not able to reveal my smile to others because of my yellowish teeth. It was like I was loosing the essential substance of mine. But, after hitting on to
IvoryPro after the consultancy of my dentist, I was able to get back my snow white smile. Read on to know my experience…

IvoryPro Rish Free Trial
Product in Brief!

IvoryPro is a quick and safe teeth whitening solution that assures to restore your beautiful smile. It acts as an effective whitening agent for your teeth and involves the natural process which aims to add whiteness and brightness to your teeth within just few days. It is a convenient solution that helps in eliminating the unwanted stains from your teeth and thus, ensuring your youthful smile.


It is a blend of natural ingredients including Xylitol, Peroxide (dental bleaching agents) and a professional-strength Whitening Gel (carbamide peroxide).

Does it Work?

Of course it does and that too in an effective way! It is a clinically tested and safe product which along with the use of natural ingredients aims to ensure you with positive results only. Xylitol is added to fight back your cavities thus, ensuring their healthiness. Peroxide (dental bleaching agents) and Whitening Gel (carbamide peroxide) helps in providing you with noticeable whitened teeth.

Its Benefits…

  • Provides you with whitened teeth

  • Safeguards you against serious dental issues

  • Effective for people with sensitive teeth as well

  • Eliminates your stained and discolored teeth

  • Doctor’s recommended choice

  • Free from side-effects

Kit Includes…

The wrapping of glistening smile includes IvoryPro Formulated Teeth Whitening Gel, IvoryPro’s custom full-arch application tray and an IvoryPro’s custom applicator.

How to Use?

3 simple steps can lead you towards attractive smile!

First fill the trays with Whitening Gel then, place the trays in your mouth against your teeth and wear it for 15 minutes. Lastly, rinse your mouth with water to reveal your whiter smile.

How to USE
Is it Safe?

IvoryPro is a safe and clinically tested product which is free from the use of any harmful or artificial ingredients. If it is used according to the instructions given, then it will never lead to nay adverse reactions.


It is advised to consult your dentist before its use. It must be used as directed.

My Final Verdict

It is simply amazing! After its use, I was able to tackle with my yellowish teeth which were restricting me from flaunting my mesmerizing smile. Now, I can smile to the fullest without feeling conscious about my yellow teeth.

IvoryPro Rish Free Trial
Where to Buy?

Avail your IvoryPro and its trial pack from its official website!